What Is Pokémon Go?


Pokémon Go is a free location-based, reality game with augmentation, developed by Niantic for Android and iPhone devices. In the game, players make use of GPS and camera smart device to search, fight, capture and train virtual creatures called Pokémon, seen on the screen as if they were in the same location in the real world with the player.

Take a real journey to the Pokémon virtual world through the Pokémon Go. With the Pokémon Go, you’ll discover another world of your own. Pokémon Go platform is set up on the real-world game of Niantic and use the actual locations in order to make players look everywhere in the reality to find Pokémon. In Pokémon Go, you will find and capture different kinds of Pokémon species as you search through their environment.

Real locations like some Japanese regions of Kanto and Hokkaido, New York, Paris is used in the Pokemon video game series. This serves as an inspiration for settings of fantasy in which their games are held. In the game of Pokémon Go, reality acts as the stage!

Join the fun of finding and capturing wild Pokémon. Enjoy the exploration of towns and cities where you are residing, and even globally to catch different Pokémon species. As you walk round, the vibration of your smartphone indicates that a Pokémon is near. Once you’ve found a Pokémon, make a target on the touch screen of your smartphone and launch a Poké Ball inorder to capture it. You have to take proper care when finding it, or else it will escape.

Download Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go can be downloaded with your iOS or Android device. You can download and start to enjoy it free of charge, but you can choose the alternative of buying PokéCoin currency if you like. This currency is used to buy Pokéballs, the item in the game that you will use to capture Pokémon. You need no real cash for this; it only means you have to give it your energy and time (which is actually why it is enjoyable).

The game functions with the use of the GPS of your phone to the location of the real world and reality to show Pokémon-cool looking features on the screen, superimposed at the top of what is beholding you. And the digitalized you is customized with an attire, a group of players can play with and other alternatives, and your level goes up as you advance in playing.

Pokeball & Pokédex

I’ve seen my friends enthusiastically consume their phone battery most times we walked a few yards from my house, around a neighbourhood, or go to a place, looking for a new Pokémon. If things go well, wild Pokémon jumps out at you; you have the opportunity to capture them using a Pokeball. By capturing a Pokémon, it will add to your Pokédex. This is a kind of database of Pokémon, which you may customize later. Then the enjoying part of it: You can visit your local “fitness” area of Pokémon and battle with trainers. These are real people.


PokéStops, however, is actually a predetermined reference points that you will interact and get useful items for the game. These items will help to increase your capacity as a coach. However, Pokémon Go offers you plenty of tasks, but the most challenging of it is appealing is its aspect of socialization.


Nowadays, you cannot go through the newspaper without coming across Pokémon Go headlines. Search through Facebook or Twitter, you will actually see the image of Pokémon Go being displayed on them. Even in our group chat, we regularly talk about the nearest place of PokéStops and its gym. Majority of people like to play Pokémon Go, despite its high consumption of phone battery and cellular data.

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