How to use items in Pokémon Go

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Do you want to become a Pro Pokémon Go User? Well, then you really have to make the best use of your pokecoins because just like real world money, you don’t earn them so easily. As a beginner, you all know how to play it and are just running here and there to catch them all but let me assure that you guys can`t catch all until you learn more about the usage of items of the game.

Most of these items are purchased using PokeCoins and also by real world money. But remember, you really don’t need to spend money on the item when you can stock up after every 5 minutes from a Pokestop. What you need to do is be a little patient for 5 min.


You all know they are for catching Pokémon but in order to find more powerful PokéBalls, one has to earn more XP by catching Pokémon and jump to higher levels.


Item to help you heal your Pokémon that has been harmed in a fight also it helps in restoring the HP of a Pokémon after a really tough fight. This kind of item gives more of a real world touch. Different potions are available at different levels whereas greater the level, the more powerful the potion is.

  • Super Potion (Level 10): The potion helps in restoring HP and healing you Pokémon effectively.
  • Hyper Potion (Level 15): Hyper Potions helps in better healing. You can use it quite often when in the phase of regularly attacking other team`s gyms.
  • Max Potion (Level 25): This potion works like a magic and has the ability to replenish your Pokémon in one go.

Pokémon Eggs and Incubators

Pokémon eggs are nothing like the lucky eggs which we consume so don’t mistake them as one. These delicate Pokémon eggs are placed in an incubator until they hatch at their specific time. The distance you cover while playing the game is their measure of when to hatch. The more the time to hatch, the rarer the Pokémon is.

Lucky Egg

Lucky eggs sure make you lucky although for few minutes. When a lucky egg is eaten, it will double your experience points earned for 30 minutes. The time to use a lucky egg would be

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just before evolving a Pokémon or capturing a gym in order to make the most of your XP gained. If you are a smart player, then you would know to not use a lucky egg until you are sure of playing for another 30 minutes straight.


Did your Pokémon pass out during a battle? A little use of a reviving item and your Pokémon is good as new. They might come in handy during battles so don’t forget to buy these.

Razz Berries

Higher level and more XP helps you unlock berries which can be used when you encounter a Pokémon in order to catch them without any trouble.

Master Balls

If want to be 100% sure of capturing the Pokémon, you better use Master balls since they will never fail to capture one. I would recommend you save it for legendary Pokémon.

Great Balls

These balls not just make your task of capturing the Pokémon a lot easier but also your chances of capturing that Pokémon is high but you can`t have them until you are up to level 12.

Ultra Balls

You got to wait till level 20 for this one and save some great amount of coins if you want to have these balls. Like great ones they are one step ahead in price and ease.

Incense and Lure Modules

Are you on a mission of hunting Pokémon? How about letting Pokémon hunt you for 30 minutes since that would make your job easy. All you need to do is take out “incense” from the bag which works like a magnet and wait for them to reach. A lazy player like myself would buy hundreds of them just in case. Incense is different from Lures as they only benefit you and not the players around you. On the other hand, lures are used at any PokeStops and would be beneficial for anyone near that Pokestop. So keep your eyes open at PokeStops and spot anyone using a lure and get the benefit.

Bag and Storage Upgrades

All these items that you collect on your way to next level are stored in your bag which can only hold 350 items at a time. Once you reach that limit you won`t be able to gain more from PokeStops. The best way would be to use your items whenever you need without any hesitation. Happy Hunting

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